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4-H members are learning that science is all around, and it can turn into a career. Soft Skills

In Holdrege, Nebraska, Science Excitement Day provided young people an opportunity to learn more about STEM careers by creating a monster with light up eyes.

“It’s a brand-new event for us. STEM subjects is big with our 4-H members. This Science Excitement Day, it just really lends itself well to the 4-H mission, reaching out to the 4-H youths and having them have hands-on learning within their peer group. They have a great takeaway from this. Really, what they are going to be learning today they can build on,” said Phelps County Extension Assistant Lori Swanson.

Interns from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln are traveling across the state over the summer to teach county extension offices how to offer similar workshops to students.

“Today, we are making monsters. … The kids will learn a little bit about how electricity runs through circuits and wearable technology,” said Phelps and Gosper County Extension Educator Linda Dannehl. “The kids will learn the positive and negative and how to connect the circuits with the battery to actually make it light up.”

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