A big part of the ASM Materials Camp at Allegheny College is having scientists introduce students to engineering careers.

Soft SkillsScientists from some leading corporations and academic institutions in Meadville cane to encourage high school students to consider engineering careers.

During the three day event, campers will calculate precise forces, weights required to change motion, and perform other experiments.

Every morning there is an experiment at Channellock or Universal Wells, and then an afternoon experiment at a lab in Allegheny. Students also learn how to pursue STEM careers in Crawford County.

“These students are interested in careers in STEM fields, so the experiments that we complete show them what kind of work engineers do,” said Ryan Van Horn, an assistant professor of chemistry at Allegheny. “In addition, the camp exposes them to local tool-and-die industrial partners where STEM professionals work. This helps inspire students to pursue careers in STEM and expose them to career opportunities in the Meadville area.”

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