Students are scooping out success with a winning design for an ice cream shop.  The winning design featured a community table shaped like an ice cream cone.

Scooping Out Success With a Winning DesignWhile the assignment was every kid’s dream, it turned out to be more difficult that the fifth graders in Karin Kaerwer’s class expected.

“I was trying to think like an adult thinks, and that was hard,” said Jameson Vaughan.

At Masons Cove Elementary School, Kaerwer’s class has been studying perimeter and area. Her friend, Mary Silcox, who is an interior designer at Aecom, an engineering and design firm, inspired the idea for the assignment. The designer also deals with area and perimeter in her work.

“We developed the idea to challenge the kids to do what she does,” Kaerwer said.

Silcox visited the class to talk with students about her job.  She brought samples, and gave the assignment to the students.

Students presented their proposals to a team from Aecom, through a video chat.  Designs were colorful, and inspired by what kids want. The winning design was submitted by Jameson Vaughan and Charlotte Alley.

“They’re the experts,” Charlotte said. “It feels pretty good to know that they thought we were that good.”

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