Kids are finding out that space travel is fun at Blast Camp.  The summer program at Vanguard Career Center in Fremont for students in grades five through eight is free of charge, thanks to a $20,000 grant from the United Way of Sandusky County.

Space Travel is Fun at Blast CampThe 95 students were broken up into seven mini camps, which gave students the chance to learn about NASA and all that is involved in space travel.

“The first thing we asked the kids is what they think it takes to send a rocket into space,” said Vanguard Assistant Principal Clay Frye. “Most said fuel, or a rocket. It’s not just a countdown and a push of a button, but some didn’t realize it takes engineers, welders and mechanics to launch a rocket.”

Vanguard has many classes in the skilled trades needed for the jobs to build rockets. Programs such as engineering and robotics are vital to continuing education.

One group of students flew a drone through a course, landing it on a pad, simulating how NASA sends drones into space rather than manned space flight, which is more danger out and expensive.

17 year old Austin Dix showed campers how the drones are operated and navigated.

“NASA is using drones a lot on Mars, and here we are teaching them the basics of how to fly drones,” Dix said.

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