A junior high school cafeteria became an art gallery for a weekend, for a program that showed student art illustrating historical “Great Decisions”.

Student Art Illustrating Historical

The Independent Art Project series created by eighth graders featured art on themes chosen by students, along with a written artist’s statement that explained their choice and medium along with their personal connection.

The mediums on display included photography, stop motion/claymation video, printing, watercolor, drawings, collage, 3D model, pixel art, pottery and string art. The art instructor, Laura Sunderland, said that all themes were chosen by students and were personal expressions.

The students made a special presentation, entitled “The Gear Wall Project.” They were divided into 12 groups, and each group researched a 20th century “great decision.” Students discussed the decisions, and the impact of the decision on history over the short and long term.

According to science instructor Robin Ellwood, the science and social studies classes collaborated, combining the science of gears and gear ratios with social studies and historical events. In preparing presentations, students had to consider design and ratio, learn how to use the laser printer/cutter, and work together to solve problems, and manage time.

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Student Art Illustrating Historical