Students helped recycle 13,000 pounds of paper at Brick STEM Academy, as they worked with teachers to transform their curriculum into a positive impact on their community.

Soft SkillsThis was the first year for the academy which accepts students from both Brick Township High School and Brick Memorial High School and focuses on rigorous STEM coursework.

“When we met with the students in the summer, we presented the project and they had to come up with all the details, themselves, on how to do it,” said district supervisor Walter Hrycenko, who oversees the science department.

The students developed a plan to collect paper for recycling. They carried it a big step further by developing calculations that showed how what they were doing had an impact on the environment.

The STEM academy students developed the numbers, and English students made announcements to the school about the program. Other students designed the recycling bins.

The paper collected equaled 157 trees saved. They also calculated how much carbon dioxide was removed from the atmosphere as a result of saving 157 trees.

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