Now in its second year a summer internship program doubles success opportunities for students, as the number of businesses that participate and offer experiences have grown, along with the number of students.

Soft SkillsThe Waco Independent School District’s summer internship program features 42 students who will spend 80 hours over ten weeks learning about career fields from 20 different employers. There are now two career and technology teachers who will serve as mentors to the students, checking in with them and the businesses to see what could be improved upon.

Last year, the program had 20 Waco High School students, over a two week period, working 40 hours. Only five businesses participated.

“It’s been great. We still had a lot of kids who got turned down. It was very, very competitive, especially in some areas; automotive being one,” said Donna McKethan, Waco ISD’s career and technology director. “We had 12 to 15 apply between the two schools, and I had three spots. . . . To get one of those three spots is incredible for these students.”

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