With a focus on enrichment, summer school is for hands on projects. No more worksheets and sitting down in a classroom.

Partnering with a University for Health and Fitness“It’s no longer about sitting down and taking out a pen and paper. Here, we’re doing hands-on learning,” Hannibal Middle School assistant principal Stephanie Utterback explained. “It’s an enrichment — things you might not experience during the regular school year.”

The hands-on learning is focused on STEAM subjects.  Science, technology, engineering, art and math are the basis for the activities.

Many schools have begun incorporating art into STEM programs.  This develops interest and engagement, and art involves taking risks and creative problem solving.

The summer enrichment includes activities such as painting on canvas, setting up a pretend crime scene with the Hannibal Police Department, and dissection. One class that really excited the students was 3D pens, which can be used to “draw” 3D objects.

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