When teachers tell kids to go fly a kite, they mean it. At Shoreline Middle School, math teachers decided to take the lessons to the skies, having students build kites, and fly them.

Teachers Tell Kids to Go Fly a Kite“We have this thing called STEAM and it’s science, technology, engineering, arts and math,” said 13 year old Qwentin Brown, explaining his kites’ connection to class. “This is engineering and math, because we’re going to start learning about volume and stuff and engineering because we put it together and we had to make it. And art, sometimes, because people drew on them with sharpies. The science, because of the wind taking it up.”

Qwentin and the nearly 600 other students of the Shoreline Middle School  are scheduled to go in groups to Twin Lakes Beach and try their hand at flying kites they built.

The project was a fun way to test how well students understand volume, scaling, surface area, and functions, said Live Oak School District math coach Melissa Nix. This is the second year that the Schools Plus Public Schools Foundation of Santa Cruz County has funded the project, paying for the supplies students needed.

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