Teaching entrepreneurship to high school students means teaching them to think like business owners.

Soft SkillsIn Sioux Falls, SD, New Technology High School has announced plans to develop a class is “entrepreneurial mindset.” Using real life examples, skills such as resourcefulness, mindful choices and persistence will be reinforced.

“It’s creating that entrepreneurial culture … and I think that’s what will be the key to success for Sioux Falls in the long run,” said Rich Naser, president of the Zeal Center for Entrepreneurship in Sioux Falls.

The pilot course is opening to 20 New Tech and Roosevelt High School students this fall.  The school board foresees an expansion to more students and schools.

“I expect we’ll see this at CTE (Career and Technical Education Academy) or in all the high schools in a couple years,” said Board Member Doug Morrison.

Not only will future business owners benefit, but workers and businesses in a variety of industries will find that the course has value.

According to Shelly Gardner, Augustana University business professor and instructor at the college’s Entrepreneurial Mindset Academy, entrepreneurship is a mindset. The six week college program is for professionals to discover opportunities for problem solving and learning how to think like entrepreneurs.

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