A teacher working with PBS and NASA on a new science curriculum will get to test those lessons with her  students in the fall.

Soft SkillsSara Barcellona, a math and science teacher at Brown-Barge Middle School in Pensacola Florida, was one of 50 U.S. teachers chosen to create the new curriculum.

“It’s kind of overwhelming,” Barcellona said. “I’ve been using their (PBS) lessons since my first year.”

Officially, Barcellona’s title is teacher adviser for “Bringing the Universe to America’s Classrooms.” This is an initiative for developing digital media and instructional models for STEM subjects.

The seventh and eighth graders will have lessons and information from PBS station WGBH in Boston, and provide feedback. Some of the science data is provided by NASAi.

“There is no such thing as a perfect lesson,” said Barcellona.  She has long admired the quality of educational material from PBS. “You’re never really satisfied. There are a million different variables. They want to know what’s working for kids and the teachers.”

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