Revisions to a schedule mean art education changes in middle school, with less time scheduled for dedicated art instruction, but more art experiences incorporated into the curriculum throughout the school day.

Art Education Changes in Middle SchoolSixth graders will not have an art class at Jackson Hole Middle School, however older students will have more art. The change is not due to budget cuts but to an enrollment bubble that is moving through the district.

“I do share the concern that they won’t get that formal art class,” said Matt Hoelscher, the assistant principal who will become principal in the fall. The solution to the problem of removing the sixth grade art class was found by forming a partnership with pARTners, a group that has integrated the arts into Teton County School District K-12 classes. They bring artists and art experiences into the regular sixth grade curriculum.

In addition, Center of Wonder, a nonprofit arts organization in Jackson will join with pARTners to offer a zero-hour art club for sixth graders.  This is an optional period for students who want to pursue an activity before school.

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