Summer camp usually involves cooking projects, but a group of students are finding that baking camp brings learning to the kitchen as they use math and science to create delicious treats.

Baking Camp Brings Learning to the Kitchen“Most baking projects have a little give,” said Dreama Foley, summer camp facilitator at the Spencer-Penn Centre. “If you mess something up a little bit, the whole thing’s not going to fall apart.”

Teaching kids how to bake has some benefits besides the obvious sweet results – there is room for mistakes, and sometimes the mistake tastes pretty good!

However, at baking camp, the kids worked as a team, following recipes with exactitude and keeping one another on track.

“Normally I follow the directions so it doesn’t blow up or something,” Abby Corriher said. “It could explode and ruin everything.”

“When I homeschooled my sons, I taught them fractions through baking,” Foley said. “I deliberately set out measuring cups without the right measurements for them so they’d have to figure out how much of an ingredient went into a recipe.”

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