A representative of Boeing South Carolina told a local rotary club that Boeing wants young people to be involved in STEM technology at a young age.

Students Discovering How To Safely View the EclipseSpeaking to the Florence Rotary Club,  Tommy Preston, director of Boeing’s national strategy and government operations said that in five years, half of the company’s engineers in South Carolina will be retirement age. “We need to get aggressive with getting the next generation involved in advanced manufacturing,” Preston said.

According to Preston, advanced manufacturing is not mechanics working on planes or painting planes.  “We have additive manufacturing,” Preston said. “We use 3D printing and animation now.”

Boeing’s focus is not on robots replacing humans. Rather, humans are taught how to use the robots to accomplish tasks.

“We’re constantly working with schools across South Carolina to ensure schools have information to teach their students how to work at Boeing,” Preston said.

Preston said that Boeing in interested in people with two year degrees in engineering, information technology, graphic design and more.

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