Bridging the gap between the real world and the classroom is the living lesson in economics presented by Biz Town at Junior Achievement of the Bluegrass.

Preparing For High School Algebra and Life on CampusJA Biz Town provides a series of lessons on personal and entrepreneurial finance skills that end with a day-long visit to a simulated, fully interactive town. The students test their business knowledge, launching businesses, working in them, opening bank accounts, paying employees, practicing philanthropy, and voting in an election.

“If they call it a field trip, I am usually pretty quick to point out to them that Biz Town is not a field trip,” said former high school principal Ron Wigglesworth,  who serves as senior education manager at JA of the Bluegrass. “This is a culminating event. This is where the kids actually get to put into practice what they have been learning.”

The simulated town is inside the old Linlee Elementary School building.  JA of the Bluegrass is leasing nearly 13,000 square feet from Fayette County Schools.

“The lessons center around financial literacy, how a community economy works, workforce habits and being a team member, how you run a business, entrepreneurship,” Wigglesworth said.

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