Students are having a lot of fun and excitement building underwater robots at STEM camp.

Soft SkillsAt the Lakeview Commons boat Launch in Tahoe, on the final day of STEM camp, kids were excitedly preparing to launch their underwater robots. The cam is offered through Lake Tahoe Community College’s community education program, CONNECT.

“We used PVC for the frame, pool noodles for floats, and landscape netting,” said Emerson Hansa-Beavers, 14, as he  put his robot in the water while helping his partner unravel cord connected to the controller.

The boys were viewing the screen mounted on the controller, made by instructor David Wise with the use of a 3D printer and a replacement backup camera for a car. There was an ice fishing camera mounted on their robot, which allowed them to view rocks and sand ripples.

The robots will retrieve prizes tossed by Wise, 3D printed fidget spinners he created.

“We learned how to work with wires,” said 13-year-old Sophia Wagner, maneuvering her robot through the choppy water with her partner Vanessa Yee.

“I like to make stuff and put things together,” said 11-year-old Yee. “It was a little hard, but still fun.”

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