With fun, friends, and familiarity, the Circle of Friends Camp lets autistic students be themselves.

Circle of Friends Camp Lets Autistic Students be ThemselvesAt the Hormel Historic Home in Austin, the Circle of Friends Day Camp provided an opportunity for children to be “Social Detectives.” Students peered against magnifying glasses to find words written that described social situations that they could then discuss.

Social situations can be difficult and frightening for children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder. The camp provides means to cope and feel some safety with the unease that they feel with new situations and transitions.

It is also a place  “to let them be who they are; meet friends and spend time in a fun environment,” said camp co-leader Lynsey O’Donnell.

Each morning begins in a room known as a cabin, with four children each. They have a team leader, a co-leader and support staff member.  Floaters are also there to help with projects. Activities rotate through the groups daily.

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