A summertime College for Kids took place for over 650 middle school students at Black Hawk College in Moline.

College for KidsThe annual week of summer learning offers over 50 classes during the week.  They include foreign languages, mythology, and lessons in how to survive the zombie apocalypse.

“I’ve really enjoyed it,” said 12 year old Nathan Olson. “I’ve been able to do things I normally wouldn’t because I don’t have the materials at home.”

Nathan sculpted a miniature 1932 Ford from air-dry clay and painted it. He studied Way Cool Physics and Electricity and Electronics along with Studio Sculpture.

His favorite part was “being able to build things and have fun learning by doing labs.”

Program director Barb Courville says that one of the most popular courses is Chef for a Week.

“This is the second year we’ve offered the class, and the kids absolutely love it,” she said. “We’ve heard students from last year tell us that they’ve got their recipes, and they’ve made meals for their families, and it’s been very exciting.”

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