A construction technology program in middle school is giving students a chance to discover skills that can be used in future careers.

Soft SkillsAt Clarkston Junior High School, a construction technology pathway will be available to ninth and tenth graders, led by teachers Jeff Peariso and Steve Wyckoff.

“We wanted to give our kids more opportunities,” said Wyckoff.  He says that there is a growing need for workers in skilled trades.

The program will start this fall.  Students will learn math and construction skills, and directly apply the math to their construction projects. The initial projects will include toolboxes, birdhouses, and larger projects as students gain skill.

Construction projects will include birdhouses, toolboxes and gradually work up to larger projects. About 75 students are expected to participate  in the program.

“We want to give everybody the chance to explore different careers,” said Peariso.

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