Students who are working to improve their English speaking skills are being helped as 2 unique English Language summer camps explore words, writing and speaking skills.

Art Education Changes in Middle SchoolHamilton City Schools are hosting the first “Exploring Words Summer Camp” at two of the city schools where there are large foreign-born populations.

“English is important to learn,” said 11 year old Zitlalik Avalos.

The camps are funded with federal and local dollars. They are held each weekday at Riverview Elementary and the Booker T. Washington Community Center. They are a joint effort of the YMCA and the Butler County school System.

The goal of the camps is to enable students to speak better English which increases their likelihood of success in school.

“These programs are essential for our English Language Learners as they learn essential language skills to help them better prepare for the demands of our college and career readiness curriculum,” said Hamilton Schools Superintendent Tony Orr.

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