High school students are exploring science with projects, as evidenced by their entries in their school’s end of the year science fair.

Soft SkillsAt Stoughton High School, popular projects include wind and ocean power, gene transfer, and electric cars.

One of the experiments by Johathan Podesta investigated the possibility of extending the range of electric cars using bladeless turbines. He won first place in the state regional science fair.

“The purpose of my experiment is to implement a possible system that will extend the range of electric cars by recharging their batteries using a Tesla Turbine,” Podesta said. “I hypothesized that if a Tesla Turbine is attached to an alternator, the electricity produced will recharge the car’s batteries and extend the range.”

The previous year, his project was “Can a Tesla Turbine Power a Car Using Nothing But Air?” This year’s project was a continuation of his research.

Perhaps the most satisfying part of the project for Podesta was obtaining results. “Realizing that my system may be able to extend the range of an electric car by up to 70 percent without the use of any pollutants was rewarding, to say the least,” he said.

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