Kids are learning the art of table manners and etiquette, thanks to an art teacher who believes that table manners are an art that should be practiced daily.

Kids are Learning the Art of Table MannersAt South Grade Elementary in Lake Worth, Florida, Rebecca Hinson is an art teacher who introduces her students to the art of table manners.  “We know that dogs eat, cows eat, pigs eat … but people dine,” said Hinson.

For seven weeks, once a week, Ms. Hinson shows them the technique of etiquette at the table. It includes posture, holding utensils, and how to eat soup.

“You stab the meat, you use the knife to cut that part, then all you have to do is twist your wrist,” said 11-year-old Keontae Slaughterbeck. “That will be an easy way to get it to your mouth instead of going, like, the usual way.”

12 years ago, Hinson began to teach formal etiquette to her fifth graders.  She had read in the paper that etiquette classes were being offered for students in Palm Beach, an affluent town just across the bridge.

“There’s high society all around us in this county,” said Hinson. “And there’s great disparity between the haves and the have nots.”

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