Having kids learn about D-Day from superheroes proved to be a uniquely successful method for teaching them about the history of World War II.

Kids Learn About D-Day from SuperheroesAt the National D-Day Memorial in Virginia, teams of elementary school children raced around looking for clues to solve a puzzle in a Wonder Woman scavenger hunt at the annual D-Day Summer Day Camp.

The superhero theme was chosen because some of today’s favorite heroes of movies and TV were used during the war to encourage support for the effort.

“To these kids, Captain America is a big movie guy, but we wanted to show that these characters have a history going all the way back to their great-grandfather’s day,” said John Long, Director of Education for the National D-Day Memorial. “The men going to war were 19-year-old boys and they liked comic books. Plus, the propaganda helped drum up support for the war with the younger kids here on the homefront as they were reading about the exploits of Batman and Captain America.”

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