By learning how to care for a horse, campers are learning STEM subjects at horse camp, while having a good time and interacting with a special horse.

Soft SkillsAt the Crown Haven Center in Russiaville, Indiana, Starry the horse is well experienced with interacting with children and adults.  She helps adults with addictions or PTSD, children with physical and emotional disabilities, and now teaching STEM subjects is one of her jobs.

Lindsay Fisher at the Crown Haven Center thought that the camp might be a way to reinforce skills children learn in math and science.

“Basically, how I describe it is if you put a little bit of cheese on the broccoli, the kids will eat it,” she said. “We’re disguising really important concepts in math and engineering and technology in a way that’s really fun and engaging and interactive. Our whole goal with this camp is to create a whole new generation of critical thinkers.”

Students learned how to put on Starry’s saddle, grow food for her and other animals, and measure her food and water and monitor it to see how much she consumed.

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