Young people in San Diego are enjoying Mad Science courtesy of NASA Space Academy.  At La Mesa Community Center, the rudimentary introduction to outer space is presented by teachers with names like “Miss Curiosity” and “Galaxy Gaby.” The goal is to teach students the topics that related to astronomy, namely science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Mad Science Courtesy of NASAThe camp was organized by Mad Science, a Canadian organization which has been in existence for over 30 years.

“These kids, they’re our future,” said Erika Garcia, president and owner of Mad Science of San Diego. “These programs spark their imagination and may get them interested in science-related careers. Hopefully, they make the world better for us.”

Operating in partnership with NASA, Mad Science designs a curriculum which focuses on flight, the planets, gravity, and other topics related to astronomy and physics.

“I never learned science growing up, not (the way) they’re learning,” said “Miss Curiosity”, Olive Ann Curl. “This program uses a lot of math. It teaches reasoning and that we have to expect to make mistakes and try again until we prove or confirm something.”

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