Even though it is the middle of summer, a county school division hosted a professional development project in Maker Learning for teachers.

Soft SkillsAlbemarle County Public Schools hosted the Digital Promise Maker Learning Leadership Project, a professional development program for schools committed to maker education.

The U.S. Congress chartered Digital Promise in 2008 to promote maker learning innovation in public schools around the nation. These schools are members of the Digital Promise League of Innovative Schools.

According to Josh Weisgrau, maker education program director for Digital Promise Global, most maker education starts in a single school and is often led by a single teacher.

“At many schools, if you lose that teacher, you lose the whole program,” said Weisgrau.

“Making is a way to learn, not a thing to learn about,” said Weisgrau. “Learning specific skills is part of it, but that’s a confining view of what it can be for students.”

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