Students are preparing for high school algebra and life on campus through a Transition to Algebra class held during the summer at Nogales High School.

Preparing For High School Algebra and Life on Campus150 students are taking part in a course boosting their math skills prior to starting Algebra I in the fall,  The course also offers an introduction to life on the high school campus.

“We meet with the students, we talk to the students as a whole, they have lunch with the rest of the summer school kids and we try to visit them often just to make sure that we are here to support their transition,” said assistant principal Yvette Favela.

The district offered a different option years ago for middle school students, known as the Summer Institute.  It included study skills classes as well as English and math which honed their skills for high school and prepared them for the cultural experience as well. When the funding ended, the course was replaced with Transition to Algebra.

In many high schools, Algebra I is the most failed subject. Students are not given credit for any courses below Algebra I, so students must get the extra preparation they need in a summer course.

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