A summer camp offered rocket science for campers, who simulated rocket design, launch, and landing with a computer program.

Rocket Science for CampersThe Newtown Continuing Education Kerbal Space Program camp was held at Reed Intermediate School in Newtown, Connecticut. Campers in grade four and up gathered to learn about the physics and math of space travel. The camp was limited to 15 students per one week session.

Some  of the students had played the computer game before, using it to “launch rockets into space” and learn about orbits.  A few claimed to have made successful landings with their rockets on the moon.

Students worked as a team, developing the rockets. Camper Roman Verna said that he had played the game before, using an Xbox.  He was interested in attending the camp to “to learn some more and see what I could do on the computer.”

Other students had favorite projects.   Stephen Sibley  said he enjoyed designing Rovers, while his brother Brian said he enjoyed designing all the structures of the game.

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