Finding a solution to the problem of a shortage of qualified teachers is the reason two school districts teamed up to hire a special education teacher.

Soft SkillsThe Black River Falls and Melrose-Mindoro school districts have taken the creative approach of combining forces to fill their part-time special education positions. Both schools needed to fill a part time position, so have teamed up to hire one teacher for a full time position shared by both schools.

It’s become a common occurence that schools come together to share a teacher, creating a full time special education position with another school, according to  Cheryl Gullicksrud, the administrator for Cooperative Educational Service Agency #4 in Wisconsin.

“School districts are looking to their neighbors to fill positions,” Gullicksrud said. “When you have small populations of students and you don’t really have a full-time position for someone, your pool of candidates shrinks even further.”

“It is hard to find someone with that licensure for a part-time position,” Melrose-Mindoro superintendent Del DeBerg said.

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