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At East Carolina University, a STEAM camp is engaging students of all ages in science, technology, engineering, art and math.

STEAM Camp is Engaging Students of All AgesAccording to Robert Quinn, associate professor of art at ECU, the camp that has been offered this summer at the Jenkins Fine Art Center is being attended by 107 students in kindergarten through high school. Back in 2014 when the camp started, only 30 students attended.

Students participate in activities such as ceramics, scientific illustration, pendulum painting, filmmaking, digital photography, nature printing and 3D printing. The hands on projects created by participants are visual arts that facilitate learning about STEAM subjects.

“A lot of these kids might not have an art class all throughout the year at school,” Quinn said. “I think that for most kids, the art makes learning some of these basic skills kind of fun.”

Young students learned how to make scientific illustrations in a class led by Rachel Clark. The campers are learning about local animals and plants.

“I am hoping, in the long run, it teaches them to appreciate the natural resources we have in Greenville and teaches them to integrate art into science,” Clark said

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