Students discovering how to safely view the eclipse in August are busily preparing pinhole viewers and cardboard boxes.

Students Discovering How To Safely View the EclipseAt May Roberts Elementary School in Ontario California, the upcoming solar eclipse on August 21 is a real life lesson for students. The Ontario School District will have normal school hours when the total solar eclipse passes overhead. The total eclipse will last one minute and 30 seconds in that location.

Students are building solar eclipse viewers as part of their studies.

“With these, we can see sunspots,” said teacher Cindy Turner to a combined group of her students and those in Lacey Hill’s class.

The idea for the project was driven by the idea that students and their families could view the eclipse safely if they did not have solar eclipse glasses available.

In addition to the boxes, students have also been designing posters as part of a campaign to educate children and the community about solar safety and the eclipse.

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