The temperatures may be rising, but high school students in  the University of Alabama’s Students Introduction to Engineering keep cool in the pool.

Soft SkillsAt the Recreation Center, students were doing more than just cooling off. They brought the cardboard flotation devices they had made during the week.  They were testing their teams’ creations the the pool to show which design floated longest before sinking.

“They get a simple lesson on buoyancy,” said Marcus Ashford, a mechanical engineering professor. “We just like for them to do it as opposed to talking about equations.”

For a week, 50 rising high school juniors and seniors from across the nation lived on campus at the University of Alabama, and took STEM related courses with an eye toward future careers.

“Basically, this is what engineers do,” Ashford said. “This is how you matriculate your way through engineering school and what we do.”

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