A unique project documenting local stories had students learn about history from local immigrants.  These residents of Martha’s Vineyard shared their experiences of surviving the Nazi regime, escaping from behind the Iron Curtain, and the stateside experience of fainting at Beatles concerts with sixth graders at West Tisbury School.

Soft SkillsThroughout the school year, students recorded interviews with residents from 25 countries.  The activity was part of the Global Childhood project, spearheaded by teacher Marsha Curtis. All those who were interviewed had spent all or part of their childhood in a different country.

The Martha’s Vineyard Museum has archived the recordings, and features a small display of the interviews and student work in conjunction with the Local Immigrants project.

“Normally I do a project on historical landmarks in Europe but I was thinking of changing that,” said Ms. Curtis. “I wanted to do something that would be meaningful for the students.”

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