Students talking about their trip to Cuba shared details of how people on the island live, as well as what they learned about the language and culture.

Students Talking About Their Trip to CubaStudents from East Aurora High School concluded that Cuba was not anything like they had heard about before. They found the food to be better than American food, and the cars to be very old. They met some nice people, but the technology was not very advanced.

“They’re just like us, I guess,” said Gabriela Ramirez, a rising senior. “They continue to live on happy, even though they might not have that much money.”

According to teacher Simon Rodriguez who organized the trip to Cuba, the focus was on people.  Students visited historical sites, and swam in the Caribbean.  They met with students in art and theater, toured a farm and saw how restaurants or workshops were run as private businesses. The trip was taken with the approval of the East Aurora School District 131 school board.

Rodriguez’s hope was that students would be encouraged to learn about other histories and cultures, and understand the importance of the history between Cuba and the United States.

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