Thanks to a 21st Century oral history project, students are finding that studying local history opens up learning opportunities.

Studying Local History Opens Up Learning OpportunitiesIn Mississippi, Kemper County Schools are hosting the project this summer, titled “Uncovering Kemper County.”

“A lot of people think that Kemper is just a dull, boring place, but we actually have a special history,” said Alfred Love, a high school student.

“The idea came from this book, Minds Stayed on Freedom that was done in Holmes County. And due to this we wanted the children to learn about all the uniqueness of Kemper County and what is has to offer,” said Kemper County High School teacher Vivian Jackson.

Almost 30 students explored various locations, prominent people, and historical events related to the county during June. Utilizing reading, writing, math, and social studies, the students learned the methods of research and how to effectively communicate about their local history discoveries.

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