A summer camp for creative writing is keeping young students interested in finding their individual voices as writers.

Soft SkillsAt North Providence High School, 20 students ranging from kindergarten to tenth grade participated in the Rhode Island Writing Project’s summer camp.  The program encourages individual writers, helping young adults develop their own voice in writing.

“For me, it’s been the best thing to be involved in as a teacher,” said Aimee Ryan, and English teacher who is co-director of the Rhode Island Writing Project and director of the NPHS summer writing camp.

The day starts at 9 am with 30 minutes of free writing.  All instructors participate in the writing, along with the students.

“When they’re writing, we’re writing,” Ryan said.

Students then share their work with their group. “It’s really to get them to be confident in their voices,” Ryan said.

After the exercise, the instructors assign a creative writing topic.  It could be poetry, a small memoir, or a scavenger hunt. “It’s always creative,” said Ryan.

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