A program is providing summer work for students with disabilities, and the city of Stowe, Vermont is one of the employers.

Soft SkillsStudents are making plans for their paychecks such as new school clothes and a new Chromebook.  Also, there is valuable experience that is added to teenage resumes. And at night, they know they have done a job well, and they wake up with purpose each morning.

The city of Stowe Vermont has hired students to paint over 100 fire hydrants as part of the TANF Summer Youth Work Experience Program.

The eight week TANF program is administered by Summit County Jobs and Family Services with the objective of providing work experience to low income students.  Last year the program was expanded to include low income students who are served by the  Summit County Developmental Disabilities Board.

The mayor of Stowe, Sara Kline, understands the challenges of raising a daughter with special needs.  She created a Disabilities Commission, and the city requested the Summit County DD youngsters.

“They are the most dedicated workers. They have gotten so much done,” she said.

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