The Amazinators summer camp is turning up the STEAM in Margate, New Jersey.

Turning Up The STEAMIn one corner, kids were building robots and coding. 14 year old Bodhi Zappone had so much fun attending the camp last summer, he asked to volunteer this summer.  He researched how to help kids build a Storm the Castle game, designing shields, building walls, and constructing moat, drawbridge and battlefield from recycled materials.  The group was designing the game to be similar to Game of Thrones.

In every corner of the library, something exciting was going on.  Students were knowledgeable about their projects as each identified a problem and ways to solve it.

The Amazinators are three middle school teachers, Gina Wenzel, a math teacher at Fernwood Middle School in Egg Harbor; Cindy O’Kane, who runs RTV studio at Belhaven; and Jen Bernadini, a language-arts teacher at Belhaven. They teamed up several years ago to run a girls STEM night out at Bellhaven, and expanded that into a two week summer camp for boys and girls. This summer, they are running the Amazinators STEAM Camp at Mainland Regional High School, and the Eugene A. Tighe School in Margate.

“It really has been an amazing adventure,” said Bernadini as the students demonstrated what they had been working on during a showcase day. Students showed how Newton’s theory of gravity works with a complex marble maze.

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