In just 20 minutes a day, volunteer tutors make a difference in kids’ math and reading skills, and schools are noticing the difference since Reading Corps and Math Corps tutors have become involved.

Volunteer Tutors Make a Difference in Kids' Math and Reading SkillsTutors from Reading Corps and Math Corps target students who fall into the gaps, according to Lauren Buckentine, program manager for the St. Cloud Office of Minnesota Reading Corps and Minnesota Math Corps.

Students in the gap are the kids in the middle who don’t quite meet the grade level standards but don’t fall so far behind that they qualify for intervention. When tutors provide the needed boost, the children stay at grade level instead of falling behind.

“Schools are seeing the effectiveness of it and they’re adding tutors,” Buckentine said.

Some charter schools and nonpublic schools are using the tutoring services as well as public schools. In addition, as standards increase, the need for tutors increases as well.

St. Cloud now has a new program that puts tutors in home day care.  “They incorporate literacy from birth to whatever age is at that day care,” Buckentine said.

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Volunteer Tutors Make a Difference in Kids' Math and Reading Skills