Some teachers have a back to school surprise for middle school girls. At Simmons Middle School in Hoover, Alabama, girls will see a big difference in their bathroom. Whenever they wash their hands or apply lipstick at the sink, they will see the words “You are beautiful.”

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There are several inspirational messages posted in the bathroom by 7th grade teachers at the school.

“Our principal, Brian Cain, asked us to ‘own’ different sections of the building,” said 7th grade language arts teacher Laura Missildine. The art teacher had transformed the girls’ bathroom into a space that resembled a spa last year, which inspired the group to do more.

“We felt our girls needed something like that, somewhere girls can go to call their own,” she said. “We wanted them to have a retreat.”

Missildine and four other teachers painted the walls mint green to complement the blue doors on the bathroom stalls.  They then applied the vinyl decals with positive messages. Decals were made by teacher Charvon Jackson-Lassiter  with her Cricut machine.

A different message is on each door.  Some of the messages include  “Be the best version of you,” “Beautiful girl, you can do amazing things,”  “Dream it, believe it, achieve it,”  “Be your own kind of beautiful,” and “Happy girls are the prettiest girls.”

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