In Valdosta, Georgia, students are learning to create mobile apps, and are having a lot of fun doing it!

Learning to Create Mobile AppsAt Valdosta State University’s STEAM Center, approximately 140 students spent a week at camp learning science, technology, engineering and math at STEM camp. “At first … I thought it was going to be really, really hard, and I wasn’t going to have any fun and I was just going to do work and get prepared for school,” said Rhalyn Burton, 12. “But it actually was fun and very entertaining.” She created 4 apps during the one week session.

The students split into small groups and created Android apps. These had a range of basic use to a bit more advanced.  One app made a cow bell sound; one was a drawing app; one was a funny fortune telling app; and one app helped young children associate animals with specific sounds.

“We got to create an app that can help people do their daily lives and help their smaller children, and I like helping people so that was really fun,” Rhalyn said.

App building was not the only activity the students did. They played games focusing on the 4 C’s of communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking.  These are skills sought by future employers, according to Dr. Alex Alvarez, director of STEM at Valdosta City Schools.

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