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One of the fun things at the recent Go Launch! camp for students was meeting an astronaut at summer camp.

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The three day camp held at Watkins Memorial High School in Pataskala, Ohio gave high school students the opportunity to work closely with a NASA astronaut, sharpening their STEM skills and completing a project that may be launched into space aboard the International Space Station if selected.

This is the first time that Watkins Memorial has hosted the educational and fun summer program. Math teacher Alisha Sleeper hopes it will not be the last.

“By far this is my favorite program,” said Sleeper. “It’s been (amazing).”

Go for Launch! encourages student interest in STEM through space exploration.  It promotes teamwork, communication, and leadership. Over two dozen students attended this summer.

At the end of the camp, Mike Foreman, an astronaut for 17 years, spoke to the students about his experiences aboard the International Space Station. He answered questions after showing them a video which depicted him and his fellow astronauts floating around the inside and outside of the space station.

He also answered questions, posed for pictures, and spent more than a day interacting with students.

“It’s amazing what these kids think about, (and) what they come up with,” he said.

Foreman was one of the judges for projects that the students created, experiments which could be tested in space.

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