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Students in the Pueblo Central schools are getting an opportunity to learn more about science and electronic music at Central High School STEM Boot Camp.

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Carolyn Morrison is teaching a creative class called “Making Tunes with Sound Studio”, and the results are creations by students that are creative and energetic.  You can also dance to it!

The camp is sponsored by Black Hills Energy and Pueblo Bechtel. It is designed to encourage students in courses in STEM subjects, but to also acclimate students to the building, classmates, and teachers.

In addition to creating popular dance music, students have also worked on crime scenes, where they interpreted simulated blood spatter and analyzed hair fibers as part of a mock murder investigation.

When science and technology are enjoyed, they are mind expanding and exhilerating.

“We’re here to get students immersed in what STEM looks like, feels like, as well as introduce them to team-building and collaboration,” said Morganlee Kempf, a STEM specialist for Pueblo City Schools (D60). “Students had the option to select the STEM mini-course that most appealed to them and will spend the week coming up with a finished product.”

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