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At Edison Middle School, the school garden has produced a bumper crop, and students are bringing in the harvest.

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Last week, students were picking squash, digging potatoes, and harvesting cabbage, zucchini, and tomatoes. Since this was the first full season for their crops, many were surprised at the bounty.

“I thought there was going to be a smaller amount then what we have, not as big,” said Caleb Lucas, an eighth grader.

“We’ve gotten a lot, especially from the tomatoes and zucchini,” said eighth-grader Hayden Coull.

The crops of peppers and sweet potatoes are reading for harvesting next month. Students will start to grow mums to sell as a garden fundraiser, and grow seedlings during the fall and winter.

According to the principal, Jean Mewshaw, the gardening class is a part of the STEM program at the school. Science and engineering are taught through hands on projects. The school gave away vegetables at a recent open house.

“We put all of our vegetables on a table at open house and it was open to everyone,” Mewshaw said.

While adults supervise and help with technical needs, the garden is operated primarily by students.

“They did it all. We just let them,” said Mewshaw. “That’s how they learn.”

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Mystery Writing Course for Kids Enhances Critical Thinking

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