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A Connecticut woman wants to encourage girls to enter STEM careers with a coloring book that tells girls they can be super cool scientists.

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“Actually,” said 11 year old Anika Hayes, “I thought it was really awesome that it’s a book celebrating women in science because that’s still pretty new that there’s women in science.”

“It’s really rare that you google something and nothing comes up,” said Sara MacSorley. She is the creator of of the coloring book Super Cool Scientists.

The coloring book shows women with 22 STEM jobs in illustrations from Yvonne Page.  The fields range from paleontology to primatology.  The idea is to encourage girls and be supportive of them in choosing science careers.

“There’s a humanizing factor,” said MacSorley. “These are people just like you and me. If they can do it, you can do it.”

The National Girls Collaborative Project estimates that women comprise half of the total educated workforce in the United States, but only 29 percent have employment in science and engineering.

“So there’s still work to be done,” said MacSorley. “I think it helps to have role models that look like you.”

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