At Southeast Lauderdale High School, teachers are finding that creative sessions engage students in learning when they have a strong interest in the subject.

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Sitting behind desks is not always the best way to teach teens. However, if they are practicing dancing or whipping up a tasty dish they can share, it just might encourage an interest in what students are learning.

“Tiger Time” is the new program at the school which allows students to participate in activities in which they show an interest, improving student engagement.

According to principal Russell Keene, the school district opted to focus on attendance this year, and the effort was planned separately from that.  However, the program complemented the effort

“It falls right into what the district is wanting to do to encourage attendance,” he said.

Some of the activities students participate in for a half hour on Tuesdays and Thursdays include book clubs, cooking, dance, web design, and strategic games. Often the nine week sessions tap into school skills, and some just allow students to have free expression.

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