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A STEM summer camp sponsored by a school district was provided for the purpose of preparing new students for high-tech STEM classes.

10 Steps to Empowering Classroom Management

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Students attended a summer STEM camp provided by the Jordan School District, as preparation for classes they will encounter when they enter seventh grade this fall at the STEM Academy Middle Schools – Oquirrh Hills, Joel P. Jensen and West Jordan Middle.

“The purpose of the camp is to increase interest in STEM subjects, build interpersonal skills and provide an opportunity for incoming seventh-graders to have access to the building and teachers, making the move from their elementary school environment to the middle school more comfortable and successful,” said Jane Harward, district administrator on special assignment for science/STEM/health/PE/dance.

Teachers were provided on each campus to conduct the camp for 3040 students.

“I feel our STEM program is a great experience to introduce these future Eagles to STEM careers, hands- on activities and help them to develop team building experiences,” said Terry Price, assistant principal at Oquirrh Hills. Price

Price believes that the summer program is a great opportunity to introduce incoming seventh graders to each other, as well as the teachers and the school

“I’m excited to start seventh grade because of the teachers that I met at the STEM camp who are some of the teachers that I will have next year,” said Allison Price. She also made new friends with those who share her love of math and science.

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