The National PTA has announced funding for a STEM grant to increase family engagement in education, as part of its STEM + Families initiative.

PTA“We know—and decades of research proves—that families play a critical role in children’s success. We also know that parents and guardians have the biggest influence on a child’s educational and career decisions,” said National PTA president Jim Accomando. “Family engagement is essential to strengthen STEM education, bridge the STEM gap and help all children realize their fullest potential. National PTA is excited to further our STEM + Families initiative and equip PTAs and schools nationwide with resources to engage families in STEM education.”

The funding enables PTAs and schools to educate families about STEM careers, education pathways, and STEM literacy while empowering them to support their children’s success.  Families can be engaged with hands-on experiences at PTA STEM + Families Events

Funding will come in phases.  the initial 35 $1,000 National PTA STEM + Families Math Grants, sponsored by Mathnasium, will be awarded this fall through a Request for Proposals (RFP process to council and local PTAs.

“Mathnasium is excited to build on our relationship with National PTA by sponsoring the STEM + Families Math Grants,” said Peter Markovitz, founder and chief executive officer of Mathnasium. “We’re honored to work side by side with the dedicated parent leaders of PTA to engage families in math nights, promote the awareness of STEM education and careers, and pursue our mission that all children should understand and master math.”

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