As a music teacher, you may be limited by the resources that your school provides for your lessons. It can be hard to find low cost resources that add value to your class. There are plenty of low cost resources out there for music teachers, you just need to know where to look.

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The internet can be an extremely valuable resource for music teachers. You can find samples of lesson plans, class materials, informational materials, tutorials, and career resources. Here are six of the most useful resources for music teachers that you can find on the web:

National Association for Music Education
The National Association for Music Education is an organization that addresses all aspects of music education. They offer countless resources for music teachers. Some of the resources include:

  • Professional Development – The NAfME offers a wide range of professional development opportunities for music teachers looking to advance their career, including online development classes and webinars.
  • Journals and Magazines – NafME publishes six periodicals. They are all accessible on their website with the exception of the Journal of Research in Music Education, which requires a subscription.

Music Educators Toolbox
Carnegie Hall’s Weill Music Institute provides a free resource called the Music Educators Toolbox that includes activities, lesson plans, worksheets, audio and video resources, and interactive listening guides. This resource allows you to filter the material by grade level, skills and concepts, genres, instruments, and other criteria in order to meet the needs of your students.

ThoughtCo has created an all-encompassing music education site. This a great resource for all things music education. Some of the areas that the site touches on are:

  • Music Theory and Technique – This is for music teachers to sharpen their playing, singing, and conducting skills that can then translate to the classroom.
  • Music History – This is a collection of articles and resources that can help educate you and your students about musical timelines, musical styles and eras, and how music has evolved over time.

8notes is a useful resource that provides access to free sheet music. You are able to explore sheet music by instrument, styles/genres, and artists. 8notes also offers free music lessons. They have useful tools such as a metronome, chord charts, fingering charts, scales, and tuners.

Music Bulletin Boards
The Bulletin Board Lady offers over 100 different music bulletin boards. These can help make your classroom more inviting and fun for your students. These bulletin boards are very low cost. They offer a way to visually illustrate some of the most important musical concepts.

Homemade Instruments
Nancy Stewart has compiled a list of musical instruments that can be made with everyday items. This can be a fun way to get away from conventional instruments, as the process of making their own instruments could be a good learning experience for music students. The site also has a song of the month to use with these instruments.

There are plenty more valuable music education resources out there on the web, so this is by no means a comprehensive list. Hopefully this is a good start for music teachers looking for additional resources to add value to their lessons.

Tim Ufer works with university graduate programs as a community outreach manager, with a concentration for career development in higher education. In addition to music education, Tim’s expertise includes business management, engineering leadership and entrepreneurship.

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