The University of Wyoming is preparing to use augmented reality training for student teachers, enabling them to “teach” a class of digital students projected onto a screen.  Each scenario is different, and the scenarios will be true to life, controlled by an off-screen actor.

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The 30 minute lesson has the student teacher face a camera or wear a virtual reality headset, and “teach.”

“Sometimes kids acts out, sometimes they ask off-focus questions,” said Trustees Education Initiative Director Rebecca Watts. “Sometimes they’re purposefully challenging for the teacher.”

The program is to be started during the current academic year, and is created by California-based startup Mursion. It can simulate a one on one situation, such as a principal coaching a teacher.  Watts wants the students in introductory teaching classes to have access.

The program is a part of the Trustees Education Initiative at the university, which was established to  “elevate the UW College of Education to national pre-eminent status in professional educator preparation.” The university aims to lead in teacher preparation through new innovations and teaching strategies.

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